Saturday, November 6, 2010

it gets better video critique-1

"Life after high school gets so much better for you gay kids out there who are considering suicide or who just feel really really lonely and sad about life because you just feel so isolated and there's no like you..."

"I lost every friend I'd ever made since elementary school because I came out, people started treating me pretty badly- I was called fag a lot. It was pretty detrimental to my self-esteem..."

"And that was basically the worst of it. I didn't have friends for basically most of high school until senior year..."

"And it was just uh really detramental to my ability to socialize with people and it was just really terrible."

"I kind've struggled with a lot of really intense depression from lack of self-esteem from, you know, the years of getting bullied, um but I had, I made some of the best friends that I'm probably going to stick with for the rest of my life- um people who were nothing like the immature bullshit crap people who I knew in high school and middle school. It was just like literally like this magic place where I could basically come into my own and it was the greatest experience of my life"

"It would be so sad if people like me and other gay people like just kept killing themselves all the time and I know there are a lot of kids who kind've do that"

"Please don't kill yourself. You have no idea how terrible it is for people like me who were able to endure all that, you know, tormenting..It sends a terrible message to other kids out there who are like me and who are like you, you know, um, like it's infinitely better after high school. You learn who you are and you actually learn that because you are are going to have ten times much more of an exciting and interesting life than the assholes who were trying to make you feel bad about it...You're life is going to be amazing, it's gonna be amazing, I'm telling you right now...My life for the past two years..after I got over all that depression I was having has been the most rewarding ever..when I first came out to her [his mom] she said some of the most beautiful things I have ever heard from anybody..It was great; and if you kill yourself in high school you can't have those rewarding experiences. You're denying yourself um the chance to meet people who are going to make you feel amazing. You're destroying your parents, you're destroying your friends, imagine the future person you could eventually get with. If you don't kill yourself you may find someone and fall in love. At the very least don't deny us the chance to meet you, and to get to know you, and to love you, and et cetera et cetera- and to like go to pride parades and stuff-that'd be so cool...Don't kill yourselves. And e love you so much. Get through it...It's going to be so much better and you're going to be amazing happy and glitter and sparklies and rainbows...

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