Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Rush Limbaugh

I come form a family of pretty much nothing but Republicans. All of which are huge fans of Rush Limbaugh and are constantly referencing him and pushing me to follow him as well. I never had really cared all that much to follow Limbaugh until this class. This is because he is a perfect example of the misconceptions of the LGBTQ Community by outside communities, all of the negativity around the LGBTQ Community, and the over generalization that takes place when discussing topics.

When reading and listening to Limbaugh when discussing topics such as Gay/Lesbian Rights he is rarely ever positive. He claims that his extremely radical views are how all American's feel. Limbaugh demonstrates this over generalization in his show titled, One Leftist Judge Slaps Down Seven Million Voters in California (http://www.rushlimbaugh.com/home/daily/site_080510/content/01125106.guest.html ). . During this particular show he makes the claims on multiple occasions to the American people as a whole. In regards to proposition 8, Limbaugh claims that, "The American People are boiling." As if all American people are against LGBTQ rights. He proposes that all American people like they are the victims rather than the underprivileged of the LGBTQ community. Even more interstingly in this particluar article, Limbaugh;s reasoning for the immense amount of anger is that the Liberals and Democrats are lying about the constitution, misinterpreting it, and redistributing their interpretations to their own advantage. Yet, the LGBTQ community is lacking proper healthcare, the right to wed, constant harsh and unfair treatment. All of which stems form these particular views, like Limbaugh's, leaking out and spreading to others and increasing this unfair treatment and as a result setting them further away from advancement.

Additionally, like many other communities outside of the LGBTQ Community, Limbaugh constantly addresses Gay Marriage and the assumption that this right is all the LGBTQ people want. He does not discuss their desire and need for healthcare or their cry for their to be an end the their victimization due to their sexuality and gender. In the same show previously mentioned he instead points out the problem with a lack of healthcare, education and welfare benefits for illegal immigrant children and labels this as unconstitutional like that of Proposition 8. He bashes Proposition 8 and and constantly focuses on the LGBTQ's desire for the right to marriage and then bashes California for helping children! It's one extreme to the next with Limbaugh. As, previously discussed in class and through our readings, Limbaugh has clearly been misinformed that this is the center of the LGBTQ Community.

I encourage you to check out his page. Not only is he bashing the LGBTQ community but so are his callers. Callers who come from all different backgrounds and become the generalized face of their community because of the remarks made on a show with as much attention as Limbaugh. His talk show is the most widely listened to talk show in America. Broadcasted on more than 600 stations and heard by millions. Misinterpreted thoughts on this community that needs accuracy and the truth in order to have change. He broadcasts these topics with his language style and people do listen and believe. All of which produces more misinformed American's to bash the LGBTQ Community.

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