Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Imagery and language

Imagery/Language on ASC website

My project assignment was to look at ASC's website for evidence of queer students, faculty, courses, talks etc. through researching the website I was to conclude on rather the public face of ASC on the web evoke a welcoming place for queer students or queer issues on campus.
I evaluated the pages of the ASC website for images and language that suggests who the school imagines students to be. I concluded that there was an implicit understanding that Scotties are straight on the website. According to the website ASC is not a place for queer students. My project simply examined how images and language can make suggestions though an analysis of what fails to be shown or said. In QT, we have untangled how queer are forced to abide in a world that is often prejudice against them. We discussed greatly, ways in which the Queer community is faced with discrimination. Through my research on Agnes Scott’s website, I can safely say that ASC discriminates against the queer population.

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