Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Queer Atzlan by Yessica

In this article the author tries to find away to merge her multiple identities in a way that they could all exist. The author is female, Chicano, and queer. Her identity as queer clashes with identify as Chicano due to the harsh criticism against it. She goes on to talk about how the Chicano culture bashes against its own brethren who have the courage to actually come out. Being female in her world, forces her to take a back seat, and she feels as if the women in her culture were the ones who helped the Chicano Movement get to the point where it is now.

While going on with the article, the author discusses how she came about this ground breaking nirvana that leads her on the path to combining her identities. She also establishes her belief on how she believes that the large stretch of land that goes for nearly one end of America to the other. While driving through Atzlan she started to sing a song that helped her understand exactly who she is. Since then she wanted to find a place where that could exist at that was her Queer Atzlan. She believes that separating or bashing these identities cause the troubles that we see in the Chicano community now.

As the Article ends, the Author goes on to talk about the environmental movement and how it relates to the struggles that Chicano face. One struggle the Movement face is how the Movement is not going anywhere. The movement, she feels, has been pushed under the rug. Almost as if is died out without fully starting. It seems almost like the author feels like if the Chicano receive the land that they deserve that they could cure the land from all the environmental groups fight against.

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